The Core 4 pillars of Girltribe Nation are the for foundational attributes that we wrap our content around. We want girls to believe deep within their being that the choices they make will shape their identity and their future. These Core 4 influence our desire to provide girls with education that will help them learn the discipline of self-control so that they can reach their goals, dreams, and ambitions.
The Core 4 influences the content and direction of the GirlTribe movement. GirlTribe Nation is all about empowering our girls to be smart, healthy, brave, and happy.

5.pngGirls are smart.

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They can think big thoughts, they can solve big problems, they can make wise choices.
Let’s teach them how their brains work so that they can guard their minds against unhealthy content that can influence their thinking and decisions.
It is so important for them to know how their girl's brains work differently from boy's brains. Their girl's brain is an amazing gift and GirlTribe Nation wants them to empower them with information that will help them to make choices that will advance their dreams and goals.
Being smart is not just about getting good grades, it’s about living wisely. Our girls need to know where to go and who to go to for answers that will protect and guide them rather than exploit and confuse them. GirlTribe Nation believes a strong, solid, and healthy relationship with their mom is vital for girls navigating puberty.
Living wisely and learning to think through the consequences that a decision can make is an important skill for our girls to learn. Intentional decisions for their well-being will get them to their dreams. 
Let’s stop derailing our girls by pushing them into a hyper-sexual casual sex culture that is bringing our girl's hopes and dreams for a bright future to a screeching halt through depression, heartache, STIs, unplanned pregnancies, haunting memories of abortions, and difficulty to emotionally connect.


Girls are healthy.10.png3 copy.png
Way too many of our girls are getting talked into a lifestyle that will not serve their futures well. 
A casual-sex culture that is filled with multiple sex partners and sexual experimentation is putting our girls at risk for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). You may know them as STDs, but they are now STIs. These are things like chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, etc.  Often boys can be carriers of these STIs and infect a girl and she may not be symptomatic but the infection can go directly to her fallopian tubes and uterus and damage them. This damage is leading to difficulties in getting pregnant down the road when they are ready to start a family.
Teenage sexual activity can lead to unplanned pregnancies. 3 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20. That's nearly 750,000 teen pregnancies every year. Parenthood is the leading reason that teen girls drop out of school. More than 50% of teen mothers never graduate from high school.  Less than 2% of teen moms earn a college degree by age 30.
This creates an incredible pressure to make a life or death decision as to whether or not that girl, often still a kid themselves, will bring a new life into the world. If they choose to have the baby, it is often done without the support or security of the father being in that child’s life. 8 out of 10 teen dads don’t marry the mother of their child. This launches a new generation of children without the stability of a family with both a mother and father.
If these girls choose an abortion, as is easily accessible and encouraged, they forever live with the weighty questions that surround who that life could have been as their son or daughter.
The sexual health of our teenage girls has to be on our radar. These are tough decisions for them to make. Think about your own decisions and experiences when you were a tween and teen. Raise your hand if you ever make a decision in the dark that you regret.  Raise your hand if you ever faced a situation that you did not know how to deal with? I know. I know. Ug. It’s just ugly. Let’s change that. Don’t you think we should? I do. I want to try. Will you join me?


Girls are brave.1.png

Courage is needed in this life. Courage to do the hard thing. Courage to stand alone sometimes. Courage to do what is right.
We need to raise brave girls. Brave will benefit them their whole life.  Girltribe Nation encourages girls to think about what they want their life to look like as grown ups. Do they want to get married someday? Do they want to have kids in a family context? Do they want to graduate from college? Do they want to work? Who do they admire and why? Let's reverse- engineer their decision making process to help them make fewer decisions in their teen years that they will regret or derail them completely from reaching their goals. 
Intentionally talking through tough topics in advance is a whole lot better than letting them fall into an accidental response. Giving them confidence to walk away and the skill set to stand up against a peer pressure situation is invaluable. It is our privilege and responsibility to teach them how to do this. 
If they are supported and equipped, they can be learned to brave. They can stand up for what is good and true and pure and right. They can be brave to create a better future for themselves. They can choose a rockstar husband as a soul mate and partner and have confidence in that relationship.  They can bring future children into this world in a safe, secure, and loving environment.  They can lead out in their professions and make big contributions to this world.


Girls can have more happy. 2.png

5.pngHappiness lies in a contentedness with who you are and having a circle of fierce friends that live loyal.  Happiness is found in being part of a purpose bigger than yourself.
In all the swirl of a complicated culture to navigate, GirlTribe Nation wants to bring some fun, some silly, some hope, and some happy to your girl.
Every life is full of potential. Every girl has the ability to make amazing contributions to our planet. She is needed in this world. Girltribe Nation wants her here. We want her voice to be heard. We want her life to be lived on her terms. We want her ideas to be explored. We want all her giggles to be let loose.
 Our kids - even our teenagers - should know happy.  Happy should be in their vocabulary. It should be on their faces and in their souls. They should get to laugh and be silly. Life should be more fun then tragic at this age.
Happiness is about filling their souls with peace. It is about giving them the tools to navigate conflict and resolve problems. Happy lives are lived by people who learn to forgive and not harbor bitterness. Girls are happy when they have a strong support system and adults that they can trust who speak into their lives with words of wisdom, hope, and encouragement.
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