We all have a THIS. Whatever yours is - Jesus is able to help bring healing, transformation, and hope.  - LT




He's a liar and doesn't get to win. Jesus has waaaay more power and joy. Let's keep our eyes focused on Jesus to lead us every step of the way. -LT



To live and lead with more courage, we have to take action. Jesus gives us the courage to do hard things. Let's do this! -LT



I'm bringing a high energy message of hope, humor, and joy in Jesus. Jesus came so that we could thrive in the aundant life. Life can be hard and the joy and wisdom of Jesus is the best way I know to have the strength we need to get through!

I live in the City of Angels (a.k.a. Los Angeles) and dream of the superpower of a flying minivan to transport my family through our sea of traffic! One brave man dared to marry me and we have four kids (sometimes my teenages resemble aliens which makes me very grateful that the mom in E.T. had a real alien living in her house and did not know it!)

I love to pull the characters we read about in Scripture out of the pages and invite you to get to know them as friends. I talk a lot about the "why" behind the principles I teach to help you better understand how following Jesus makes your life better.

Give me a little coffee, dark chocolate, and a whole lot of Jesus every day. Let's be friends! @LisaToneyLife


Lisa Toney


I grew up in Michigan along the shores of a little lake that I think may just be the best place on earth.

Later I moved to Southern California where I now enjoy the pounding surf of the ocean.

Through it all, Jesus is my Living Water. He brings sweet refreshment when my soul is parched.

I bring the powerful and hope-filled message of Jesus as the one who can do the miraculous and turn water to wine, call us out to walk on the water, and bring abundance out of the deep empty waters.


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Lisa brings hope and life to any stage: she is smart and she is fun. And her love of Jesus is simply contagious. Lisa has deeply blessed my life.

-Julie Mikolajczyk
Editor in Chief 

City & Commerce Magazine

Lisa has encouraged me through her wise words, humorous approach, and relentless prayers while on my journey through grad school and parenting. Lisa’s incredible faith and love for Jesus are evident in the way she approaches teaching, counseling, and coaching.

-Amber E. Blews, PhD