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God Bless This Hot Mess: How Jesus Helps Us With Our Emotions

Are you tired of letting your emotions control you and take you in directions you don't want to go?

It's time to do things differently!


In ten weeks we will cover ten emotions that can be challenging to deal with. Most of us have never been taught how to handle our emotions. The good news is that God has the very best strategies to help us with all of our emotions. Join Pastor Lisa as she leads us through God Bless This Hot Mess - How Jesus Helps Us With Our Emotions!

Being a follower of Jesus gives you access to some unique strategies to help you navigate difficult emotions.

In this 10 week course, you will enjoy:

  • A weekly Bible teaching with Pastor Lisa
  • A weekly focus verse that gives you a different way to approach your emotions
  • Five daily exercises to practice the new strategies and spend time with Jesus
  • Weekly discussion questions for either your own reflection or for group discussion 

You are going to love looking at our emotional health alongside our faith rather than only what this world offers us!

Each week Pastor Lisa will bring you a powerful and oh-so-right-where-you-are Biblical teaching! Let her bring the Bible to life as we dive in and discover that all these emotions are ones that not only do we struggle with - but so did people in the Bible! God has the very best solutions and strategies to help us navigate our emotions and get us to a place of emotional health.



Here's what we will dive into each week for the next ten weeks. Which one are you most excited about? Which one sounds the hardest? Don't worry, you can do it! We'll do it together!


  • Week 1: Stress To Peace
  • Week 2: Anger To Patience
  • Week 3: Fear To Courage
  • Week 4: Embarrassment To Confidence
  • Week 5: Lust To Self Control
  • Week 6: Betrayal To Loyalty
  • Week 7: Grief To Joy
  • Week 8: Doubt To Faith
  • Week 9: Jealousy To Contentment
  • Week 10: Loneliness to Companionship 

You will have online access to this ten-week class. Each week you will get an email reminder to access your class portal online to receive your weekly content. You can watch it from the comfort of your own home, or catch it on your phone or Ipad on a break at work, or anywhere that you are.

This is a great opportunity to gather friends that live far from you and reunite together weekly sharing God's word and discussing the hope we have as followers of Jesus!

Each week you will receive:

  • A powerful and relevant Bible teaching time with Pastor Lisa
  • A weekly focus Bible verse to center your head and heart on a power verse to help you with this emotion
  • Five daily exercises to learn verses and put them into practice that teaches you to access God's strategies for emotional health
  • Discussion questions for you to use with your group either in person or on a Zoom call online 

I don't want you to miss out on this amazing study!

Here is what some people are saying:

"This has been the most helpful Bible study I have ever done" 


"This is way more than a Bible study, this meets you right where you are and helps you through things that were never taught to us."


"I love how Lisa teaches. She helps the Bible make sense to me. She makes me want to be a Christian."


"No one ever taught me how to work through my emotions in a healthy way. These verses that Lisa taught us have helped me so much. This class has been way more helpful than I ever anticipated."


I think you are going to be amazed at how all these emotions that we experience every day God wants to help us with. After all, He created them. He knows you. He knows your triggers. He knows your complicated relationships. And best of all - He wants to help you through them!

Jesus came so that you might have an abundant life! This class can help you get there!

I have come so that they may have life, and may have it abundantly. John 10:10

Grab your Bible and let's spend some time with Jesus!