Looking For God?

When will God show up in your life? Maybe God already has - in most UNEXPECTED ways.

Are you ready to go on a four week journey to look in unexpected places for God? 

If you have ever doubted God's ability to reach your deepest needs, you need this study.

If you have ever questioned if God is good, you need this study.

If you have ever wished God could meet your deepest needs and change your circumstances, then this study will meet you right in that place.

In this powerful 4 week Bible study you will learn how to look for God in your own life. Where is God and what is He up to around you?

Bible teacher, story teller, and Champion of Hope, Lisa Toney, will bring to life the characters of Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph, and Zechariah in ways you have never heard.

Lisa lifts these stories off the pages of the Bible into your living room and let them land in your heart.

Through this study you will engage with your Bible, lean into Jesus, and build your faith. Jump into the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her crazy, amazing, unplanned, unexpected encounter with God that changed - well...everything!

That same Jesus has the power and desire to show up strong and mighty for you - whatever you are facing. If you could use a few weeks of encouragement - I'd love to journey with you.

Looking For God?

God Often Shows Up in UNEXPECTED ways! I'm ready to take this journey to look for more of God in my life.

Bible Study Delivered Right To You

Convenient, fun, and oh-so-helpful to let you connect with Jesus. Let Lisa's deep love and understanding of Jesus pour over into your life.