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God Bless This Hot Mess

Oh man, sometimes I am just a hot mess. Stress, fear, anger, embarrassment....so many emotions can trip me up and leave me in the wrong place. How about you?

  • Are you a hot mess?

  • Do your emotions sometimes get the best of you?

  • Do you wish you knew how to work through your emotions better?

  • Can Jesus help?


God gave us our emotions - all of them. They are meant to be helpful. Emotions help us work through stress. Emotions help us better understand ourselves and others. But they can be difficult when we get stuck in the hard ones, right?

God has given us helpful and practical strategies in Scripture to help us work through our emotions so that we don't spiral down with the hard ones taking control of us. Emotions are not bad. They are not evil. Jesus can help us with our emotions.

Everyone has emotional stress that they are carrying. We need some tools, strategies, and encouragement to process our emotions.

There is good in every day, even if every day is not good. In this 10-week Faith Habits Class with Lisa Toney learn to:

  • Manage your stress
  • Move through fear
  • Let go of your anger
  • Overcome embarrassment
  • Fight lust
  • Forgive betrayal
  • Process grief
  • Accept doubt
  • Work through jealousy
  • Combat loneliness

Do any of these sound helpful to you? Let's dive into this 10-week class and learn some faith habits that will transform how you work with these emotions in your life.

Let Jesus show up for you and with you as you navigate your emotions in God Bless This Hot Mess. 

Get this online class that will allow you to go at your own pace and teach you how to let Jesus be the one that give you the power and resources to transform your hard emotions into healthier ones.

We will learn about one emotion each week. With a focus verse and five practical weekly exercises, you will work through the transformation process.

Sometimes we don't think of going to Jesus with these emotions. He can help us like no other. In this class, you will use Scripture and practical exercises to find breakthroughs that you have never had before. You will get emotionally healthy. Best of all, you will learn how to go to Jesus anytime you become a hot mess.

See you inside the class!