Where is a FAITH Coach when you need one? That's the question I kept hearing. There are lots of life coaches out there, but I wanted The Faith Habits Collective to be unique in its approach to offering training that was Scriptural, faith-based, fun, and actually worked! I believe Jesus truly does make us better at life. I'm a person of faith because Jesus makes my life better. I'm all about training high-performing people how to stay rooted in the things of God to allow their lives and businesses to flourish in their faith. The Faith Habits Collective allows you to learn one new faith habit each month to help you be intentional about growing in your faith.


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How do I keep Jesus front and center in my life, family, and business?

As a person of faith, you believe in God. But do you believe God speaks into your life on a regular basis? He does! 

I know it is hard to discern God's voice amidst the loud world that we live in. Wouldn't it be great to have access to success strategies that allow you to be intentional about seeking out God's will for you and your business? If you are nodding your head and saying, "Yes, please!" then The Faith Habits Collective is perfect for you.

Yes, please!

"As a businesswoman, I have access to a lot of different leadership training, but this is a unique approach in that it is faith-based. This allows me to have an intentional way to apply the things I deeply believe into my decision-making process. I really like this approach. "


"Lisa has so much enthusiasm and offers some brilliant ways to look at faith. This learning is enjoyable. Her coaching is down-to-earth and relatable. I feel like I am learning how to hear from God in a lot of helpful ways. My faith is growing, my decision-making is better, and I think it is also helping me to become more patient. So many wins!"


"Let me just say, I'm super thankful for The Faith Habits Collective, it points me in the right direction every month. It keeps me grounded in the Bible and my faith rather than all the voices of this world. "


What Is Included Each Month?

Every month you will get exclusive access to a shiny new faith focus. This puts it front and center on your radar and gives you the specific pathway to grow intentionally in your faith.

Faith Coaching

Using the Bible as our foundation, Lisa shows up as your Faith Coach breaking down the "why" and "how" of scripture for you. Learn to thrive in your faith!

Mindset Focus

Each month you will get a mindset focus. Use is to center your thinking and allow God to specifically guide your decisions, words, and actions.

Growth Path

Five monthly exercises are the success pathway that you need to take the faith focus and learn how to integrate it into the details of your life. 

Anchor Prayer

This monthly prayer is one that you can return to as often as you need to anchor you in the truth that God is with you and for you.

Coaching is a game-changer. It moves you from point A to B. Coaching allows you to learn intentionally. It gives you focus. It establishes your priorities. Coaching moves you forward to where you want to be. At The Faith Habits Collective, we are intentional to make sure Jesus is the one who gets the seat of honor and leadership in our decisions.

The Faith Habits Collective

Faith Habits Coach, Lisa Toney, offers you a monthly Faith Habit to equip you for success to make wiser decisions and have healthier relationships in your life and business. Join The Faith Habits Collective, today!

God is for you. He is not against you. He has plans to give you a hope and a future. Let's hold on to that truth as we ask Jesus to help us achieve our full potential and step into the plans and purpose that He has for our lives.

The Faith Habits Collective

Are you ready for some intentional Faith Habits coaching? A habit is a behavior that you do repeatedly - usually without even thinking about it. It’s your go-to normal routine. Faith Habits encourage us to build our lives around the strategies that God has created for us to live our best life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each month you will receive a FOCUS GROWTH TOPIC. This is the area we will be intentional about during the month. You'll have exclusive access to teachings from Lisa to encourage, challenge, and coach you through a new faith habit. With those videos, you'll also receive a FOCUS VERSE for the month. This power verse will be one that we are intentional about shaping our thinking, words, and actions. You will also have five exercises that you can do throughout the month to practice this faith habit and integrate it into your life. Finally, you'll have a prayer that Lisa prays over you to seek God's power and presence in your life.

Yes, we will be using the Bible as our main textbook. It is a class with coaching. You will get to hear Bible teaching from Pastor Lisa which will help you understand the "how" and "why" of Bible passages. God gave us faith to make us better humans and make us better at life. Sometimes we don't spend enough time putting the gold nuggets of the Bible into action items. This is the specialty of The Faith Habits Collective. We are putting it in to practice! We are taking action. We are integrating it into our lives, businesses, and relationships.

You get one shiny new bundle of faith and hope each month. Every month you are the first to get access to the new Faith Habit of the month and dive into all that Bible goodness. Some people participate in this for a year and others continue because they love our community and the accountability that this membership gives them.

Yes, absolutely. Each month will include a discussion guide that is just perfect for group study. Each person of your group will need a membership and then you can meet as a group to discuss the teaching, the homework, and work through the discussion questions together.

Church is great, but this is different. This is an intentional class with coaching. It gives you access to the content on your own time. You can interact with it first thing in the morning or late at night - whatever is your jam. We will work our way through spiritual disciplines that are meant to give you tools to deepen your faith and make it helpful to your daily life. 

Well, most people LOVE it and stick with it because this is a DOABLE approach. It is just enough to stimulate our heads and hearts, but not too much to get overwhelmed.  But, if you decide that this is not a helpful way for you to be intentional about your spiritual growth, then you are free to cancel at any time. Just send an email and we'll cancel your membership, no harm no foul. You will still be loved and welcome to be part of our Faith Habits Community through our weekly podcast and Youtube channel Faith Habits.

I Need To Be Intentional!

Yes, it is easy to drift, so this is your personal Faith Habits Coaching program to call you to a fully effective, intentional faith-filled life. Get the accountability, community, and encouragement that you need to thrive in your faith!


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