Courage Warriors

If you are ready to live, love, and lead with courage, then step this way. We are believing that God can give us the courage to do hard things. We are raising up Courage Warriors to change this world for good. Courage Warriors is a registered 501c3 nonprofit with the mission of providing educational services to teach courage in Jesus.

We offer classes and events that teach how to build courage and leave fear behind.


Are you tired of fear stopping you? Has fear paralyzed you in your tracks? If you are ready to stare fear in the face and tell it to get lost, then stay with me friends, because, here at Courage Warriors, fear is not welcome. We are stepping up and stepping into courage. Together we are learning to live, love, and lead with courage.


PARTNER WITH US ON MISSION! Courage Warriors is an organization that makes courage accessible to everyone. We rely on our partners to keep the vision of courage in Christ moving into all communities everywhere. All funds go directly back into the ministry to further God’s purposes through Courage Warriors. We believe that with your partnership, the body of Christ will become courageous for this mission; to take the healing and restorative love of God to all people in all nations. Whether it’s to a neighbor next door or to a third-world country, God is asking his people to rise up with courage, and leave fear behind, so that they can step into the purpose for which God created them.


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